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Wayne Shulick Discusses How Clubs Can Engage Patrons With Technology

The nightlife industry was facing strong headwinds even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Club attendance and foot traffic was dropping and building loyalty among club goers was difficult. Wayne Shulick, a nightlife expert with loads of experience in the Philadelphia and Los Angeles nightlife scenes,\ believes there are still opportunities for nightclubs, but they must use tech to engage patrons.

“Some club managers look at technology as the enemy,” Wayne Shulick says, “because young people often seem buried in their smartphones. But if a given population is tech savvy, you can use tech to engage them.”

Consider how popular food ordering apps are. According to Upserve, delivery and online orders have grown 300 percent faster than dine-in orders since 2014. Consumers like apps. So how can nightclubs use apps to facilitate orders? Wayne Shulick has some ideas.

“People hate fighting at the bar to put orders in,” Wayne Shulick notes, “so why not use an app that allows them to order drinks from your bar, right to their table. No more lines, fewer hassles. This will help you and your staff.”

Social media is also important for nightclubs. Instagram and other photo websites are now immensely popular. Instagram has roughly 1 billion active monthly users with over 70 percent of them being under the age of 35. Wayne Shulick advises making your club photo friendly with special, enticing areas for people to take photographs.

“You can set up backgrounds and views that make for enticing photography,” Wayne Shulick suggests. “People will take photographs of your club, providing you with free publicity. And if the areas are properly branded, you can grow your brand.”

Wayne Shulick Talks Apps and Emerging Nightclub Tech

So what apps are available? One of the biggest nightclub apps is Discotech Nightlife, which is available on iPhone and Android phones. You can check entry prices, reserve VIP bottle service, and more. Through guestlists, customers can also get free tickets and entry.

“Discotech Nightlife is one smart and well-designed app,” Wayne Shulick says. “I suggest every club owner look into using it. And I suspect we’ll see more apps that offer great features in the future. It’s smart for club owners and managers to survey the app market once a month or so to see what’s available.”

Technology evolves rapidly. Just 15 years ago, smartphones weren’t even a thing. Now, many people spend more time on their smartphone than on their computer. Social media platforms were also much smaller 15 years ago. Now, nearly everyone is on one social media platform or another. Wayne Shulick advises nightclub managers to watch emerging technology trends.

“There are some interesting emerging technologies, such as Night Chain, which uses a nightlife oriented cryptocurrency to engage and reward club goers,” Wayne Shulick points out. “It’s smart to keep an eye on these technologies and if they gain momentum, jump on sooner rather than later.”

Wayne Shulick Discusses the Latest Nightlife Trends

Nightlife is Constantly Evolving and Wayne Shulick Is Here To Discuss Some of the Latest Trends in Nightlife

 There is nothing like going out at night. In major cities all over the place, there are crowds that seem to hit the street for the first time at 11 PM. Then, they stay out until 3 in the morning. For bars and clubs, these are their peak hours and this is where they make most of their money. At the same time, this is an incredibly competitive industry, and those who would like to keep their doors open need to keep up with the latest trends.  Wayne Shulick is an expert in the industry and he is here to discuss some of the latest trends when it comes to bars, clubs, and nightlife as a whole.

Wayne Shulick Discusses the Role of the Experience, Which Matters More than the Location

Today,  Wayne Shulick has noticed that the experience matters more than anything else. It isn’t so much where the crowd is going as much as what they are going to be doing when they get there. With this in mind, Wayne Shulick has seen countless bars and clubs change the way they are approaching the experience. If there is a major DJ who is coming to town or a unique food event that is going on, this is going to bring in a much larger crowd than the location would otherwise enjoy. Nightclubs need to think about ways that they can create a unique experience for their party guests.

Wayne Shulick Discusses the Importance of Food for Bringing In the Crowd

In the past,  Wayne Shulick knows that people wouldn’t care so much about the food as much as the drinks and music. Now, food matters more than ever. Guests want to eat lat eat night, even if it is after 11 at night. Therefore, clubs should think about ways they can serve up some food. For example,  Wayne Shulick knows that food trucks are incredibly popular right now. There could be a way to bring in some extra guests by advertising that one of the top food trucks is going to swing by.

Wayne Shulick Reviews the Growing Role that Technology Is Playing in Nightlife

Finally,  Wayne Shulick has also noticed that technology is becoming more important to the nightlife experience. Efficiency matters and technology helps businesses become more efficient, even late at night. For example, Wayne Shulick has noticed that advanced point-of-sale (POS) systems are becoming more common at bars and clubs, helping them process payments more quickly. In addition, technology is also playing a role in the way bars and clubs coordinate their lights and music. As a result, this goes back to the experience, providing a better one for everyone who comes out late at night.

Wayne Shulick Speaks About the Importance of Social Entrepreneurship

Our world revolves around invention and innovation, with entrepreneurs being the key players. According to entrepreneur Wayne Shulick, technological advancements have mee it exceptionally easy for entrepreneurs to succeed, whether in developed or developing countries. However, for Wayne Shulick, just being an entrepreneur is not enough–but being a social entrepreneur is.

Being a social entrepreneur means creating startup companies to promote awareness and come up with ideas to solve social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues. Wayne Shulick believes that social entrepreneurship has a pivotal role to play in serving to turn a profit, find success, and help others across the world. He also notes that entrepreneurs must have a bigger heart and mind to develop solutions to the problems facing society today.

Apart from making money, here is what Wayne Shulick feels about social entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurs Respond To Customer Needs

Our sustainability awareness has gone up in the past couple of years, says Wayne Shulick. Consumers heavily rely on entrepreneurship to solve their problems. For instance, people struggling with weight depend on entrepreneurs’ creative minds to come up with weight-cutting ideas and tools. According to Wayne Shulick, this happens in all industries. Social entrepreneurs have to step up and device ways of combating a problem based on their needs. The market demand also sends a signal that there is a problem that needs urgent attention.

Entrepreneurs Are The Inspirational Sauce of Impact

Social entrepreneurs are passionate about bringing change. That is why we have new car models, devices, fashion, and other products being constantly upgraded to make them better and solve previous challenges. In most cases, social entrepreneurship works on solving significant issues that will contribute to society’s betterment. Entrepreneurs have an impact wherever they go. They create things; they add value and impact society. Additionally, they enhance society’s capacity to act and bring change. We should also expect intrapreneurs to take similar steps as they will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, notes Wayne Shulick.

They Develop Relationships That Go Beyond Economic Purpose

While entrepreneurship revolves around the economy, social entrepreneurship has the ability to touch almost every sector and make a positive impact. As opposed to business connections and other traditional commerce, social relations facilitate emotional support and economic growth. Over the years, we have seen massive participation of entrepreneurs in supporting and sponsoring various organizations, events, and groups to bring a difference in the world, says Wayne Shulick. Sharing information, source, and love among the unprivileged communities like humanitarian initiatives have proved that social entrepreneurship is what we need to create a network.

Social Entrepreneurs Make The World A Better Place

Wayne Shulick also notes our world wouldn’t be where it is without entrepreneurship. While we are all focused on making the world a better place, social entrepreneurs have set a good pace that everyone should follow. For most social entrepreneurs, social change and social value are critical. Monetary profit just becomes a pathway for entrepreneurs to meet people-centered goals because clearly, social entrepreneurship is more than an economic activity –they provide society with world-changing solutions.

Wayne Shulick Discusses the Importance of Developing Your Company Culture Intentionally

Creating the right culture for your company can be key to your long-term success, but unfortunately, many companies leave the growth of their culture to chance. “What most people don’t realize is that there is no such thing as not having a culture,” says Wayne Shulick. “You have a company culture whether you realize it or not. And if you’re not developing it intentionally and with purpose, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with a culture that is counter-productive, even harmful, to your company’s goals.”

What Is Company Culture? Wayne Shulick Explains

“A company’s culture is the personality and atmosphere of their organization,” says Wayne Shulick. “It’s the sum of your vision, mission, traditions, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. It’s who you are and what you do as a group of people working towards the same goal.”

Wayne Shulick goes on to explain that company culture isn’t static. It grows and changes and manifests itself in the way employees interact with one another, make decisions on a day-to-day basis, and deal with conflict. “These are all very important factors in your company’s success, and if you don’t define them inside of your culture yourself, they will develop haphazardly. Leadership must set their intentions and be deliberate about guiding the culture so it supports success.”

How to Build an Intentional Company Culture According to Wayne Shulick

In order to build an intentional company culture, you need more than just a list of values. “Culture is when your employees’ and coworkers’ actions align with those values,” says Wayne Shulick. “Just saying that your company is innovative, creative, or thoughtful doesn’t make it so. Remember – Enron’s number one value as a company was ‘Integrity’.”

Having a vision and values is important, but in order to intentionally grow your company culture, you have to act on those values. Hire people who exemplify the values you want in your culture. Fire those who are in direct opposition to your company culture. Support “creativity” and “innovation” by supplying time and resources that make them possible. Create an atmosphere of “transparency” and “respect” by leading by example and implementing an open-door policy.

“You have to work towards a cohesive and comprehensive company culture. It requires thought and planning and input. And above all – it requires employee buy-in. You cannot have a company culture if your employees are not involved,” says Wayne Shulick.

The best way to evaluate where your current company culture stands is to ask the people who work with you, says Wayne Shulick. Send out surveys, invite anonymous feedback, interview department heads and employees, and hold town meetings. “Figuring out what your problems are will help you build a path forward,” says Shulick. “You need everyone’s help and buy-in to make your company culture work, so get them involved in the early stages. Make them feel like a part of the process.”

Wayne Shulick Showcases Three Most Stylish Fashion Trends Making Waves in 2020

Entrepreneur Wayne Shulick delves into this year’s boldest and most stylish looks from the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Boasting a diverse lineup of fresh new looks, this year has yet to disappoint when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Despite months of uncertainty in many markets amid unprecedented times stemming from the ongoing global health crisis, the world of fashion has pushed on, with 2020 providing a wealth of stylish new looks for individuals across the board. A serial entrepreneur celebrated for his highly motivated and creative mind, fashion industry expert Wayne Shulick showcases three of his favorite trends to have emerged this year.

Fashion trends come and go, says Wayne Shulick. “Knowing what’s trending and incorporating that into your personal style, however, will always keep you ahead of the game,” suggests Shulick, whose expertise is in women’s premium denim and tops they would wear going out for the night, speaking from his office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wayne Shulick‘s first area of focus is casual blazers. “Blazers are always a good idea, and I’m personally pleased to see the casual blazer trend being incorporated into both men’s and women’s fashion this year,” reveals the successful entrepreneur. “Year-round, a blazer can instantly elevate your look,” adds Shulick.

For women, Wayne Shulick favors casual blazers with shorts, and, for men, a simple blazer over a plain t-shirt paired with cuffed jeans. Color, material, and fit, Shulick says, are often central to nailing the look. “Don’t be afraid to try an oversized blazer for casual settings either,” he goes on to suggest, “to avoid looking too formal.”

Next, Wayne Shulick turns to vests. For both women and men, vests are in this year, he says. “Pairing a vest with a three-piece suit is a brave look, but it’s a look that’s made real waves in fashion circles in 2020, including among many of the world’s top social media influencers,” points out Shulick.

Third among the fashion industry expert’s most stylish fashion trends making waves in 2020, meanwhile, is neon and tie-dye. “A one-color focus is out this year,” reveals Wayne Shulick.

According to Shulick, even the world’s most high-end designers—including Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Marni—have showcased looks incorporating both neon and tie-dye this year. “Regardless of color preferences, there’s something for everyone,” says Wayne. “A tie-dye hoodie, perhaps?” suggests the expert. “Or maybe even a fluorescent green beanie to complement your camo print utility jacket?” he adds.

For Wayne Shulick, 2020, fashion-wise, continues to be about embracing new looks and establishing unique, individual styles. “Many of your favorite looks from the past will inevitably stick around,” Shulick notes, “but now’s the ideal time to embrace something a little different as pops of neon, for example, continue to make waves as we move toward fall and winter, ahead of what awaits the fashion world heading into 2021.”

Wayne Shulick is a successful self-made entrepreneur with a career spanning multiple industries, including fashion, design, and nightlife, as well as art curation and investing. Highly motivated, Wayne Shulick is celebrated by his peers for his creative mind and outside-the-box thinking. Primarily based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the fashion industry expert today splits his time between the City of Brotherly Love and Los Angeles, California, famed for its effortlessly cool fashion landscape.