Wayne Shulick Showcases Three Most Stylish Fashion Trends Making Waves in 2020

Entrepreneur Wayne Shulick delves into this year’s boldest and most stylish looks from the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Boasting a diverse lineup of fresh new looks, this year has yet to disappoint when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Despite months of uncertainty in many markets amid unprecedented times stemming from the ongoing global health crisis, the world of fashion has pushed on, with 2020 providing a wealth of stylish new looks for individuals across the board. A serial entrepreneur celebrated for his highly motivated and creative mind, fashion industry expert Wayne Shulick showcases three of his favorite trends to have emerged this year.

Fashion trends come and go, says Wayne Shulick. “Knowing what’s trending and incorporating that into your personal style, however, will always keep you ahead of the game,” suggests Shulick, whose expertise is in women’s premium denim and tops they would wear going out for the night, speaking from his office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Wayne Shulick‘s first area of focus is casual blazers. “Blazers are always a good idea, and I’m personally pleased to see the casual blazer trend being incorporated into both men’s and women’s fashion this year,” reveals the successful entrepreneur. “Year-round, a blazer can instantly elevate your look,” adds Shulick.

For women, Wayne Shulick favors casual blazers with shorts, and, for men, a simple blazer over a plain t-shirt paired with cuffed jeans. Color, material, and fit, Shulick says, are often central to nailing the look. “Don’t be afraid to try an oversized blazer for casual settings either,” he goes on to suggest, “to avoid looking too formal.”

Next, Wayne Shulick turns to vests. For both women and men, vests are in this year, he says. “Pairing a vest with a three-piece suit is a brave look, but it’s a look that’s made real waves in fashion circles in 2020, including among many of the world’s top social media influencers,” points out Shulick.

Third among the fashion industry expert’s most stylish fashion trends making waves in 2020, meanwhile, is neon and tie-dye. “A one-color focus is out this year,” reveals Wayne Shulick.

According to Shulick, even the world’s most high-end designers—including Marc Jacobs, Valentino, and Marni—have showcased looks incorporating both neon and tie-dye this year. “Regardless of color preferences, there’s something for everyone,” says Wayne. “A tie-dye hoodie, perhaps?” suggests the expert. “Or maybe even a fluorescent green beanie to complement your camo print utility jacket?” he adds.

For Wayne Shulick, 2020, fashion-wise, continues to be about embracing new looks and establishing unique, individual styles. “Many of your favorite looks from the past will inevitably stick around,” Shulick notes, “but now’s the ideal time to embrace something a little different as pops of neon, for example, continue to make waves as we move toward fall and winter, ahead of what awaits the fashion world heading into 2021.”

Wayne Shulick is a successful self-made entrepreneur with a career spanning multiple industries, including fashion, design, and nightlife, as well as art curation and investing. Highly motivated, Wayne Shulick is celebrated by his peers for his creative mind and outside-the-box thinking. Primarily based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the fashion industry expert today splits his time between the City of Brotherly Love and Los Angeles, California, famed for its effortlessly cool fashion landscape.

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